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Projection Simulation and 3DMappings
hecoos can simulate the light path and picture distortion from the actual projector, precisely calculate illuminance and blocking an actual projector. By multiple built-in branded projector parameter, accomplish light path and 3DMapping on the complicate model include dome, car, building, etc. It also supports projection automatic merging base on camera feedback.
Tracking and Real-time Rendering
hecoos supports infrared-based optical position sensor to accurately track moving objects. Coupled with 3DMapping technology to achieve visual tracking perfectly. hecoos also supports rendering engine include Notch, Unity 3D, Unreal4, Touchdesigner to let you interact with media.
Timeline Based Play Control System
Thanks to timeline-based nonlinear editor system, you can play with various visual effects. Hecoos supports OpenGL and Direct3D render engine, achieves ultra-high-resolution video decoding and smooth playing.
Lighting Offline Programming
The lighting effect is essential to warm up stage atmosphere. With the help of built-in mainstream lighting equipment, hecoos can implement lighting offline programming through DMX address adaption. Therefore, performing a bright and colorful performance stage gives you what the real lighting show.
Visualized Director
Multiple built-in cameras (crane, dolly, rails) help to pre-set camera position and lens picture. Timeline-based control method, to implement director switch precisely, hecoos, furthermore, will control mainstream director console, achieve seamless adaption of director design and on-site execution.
Actual Scene Simulation
Based on object texture and environment constructed by hecoos, it can build the realistic effect of the interactive scene with lighting, stage, etc. Experience the visual perception the same as the actual stage, feel the delicate simulation of rehearsal not only on the lighting effect.


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Realize the seamless connection between design and live show.

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hecoos is a new media whole case design software created by Beijing EnlightV technology co., Ltd, which can preview real scenes. It simulates the scene effect of stage, light and image with exquisite texture, and previews the whole activity process. In video playback and switch, lighting and mechanical control, it realizes seamless connection between design and live show, and effectively improves the success rate of proposal and efficiency of live show, which is an effective tool for designers of the whole project.

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