hecoos Studio Pro —— manipulate what you see
Academic lecture, output testing, task demonstration… hecoos Studio Pro will fulfill all your output requirements. Compare to the hecoos Studio, Pro adds a 2K video output channel (watermarked) to creative 3D Mapping and back-calculated projection. It can also play as the controller for online mode. Flexible demonstration methods, brings you brand new visual experience.

hecoos Studio Pro
Rigid metal structure
create perfect texture
unbreakable structure for a lifetime
Particular Functions
Use As Controller
Support local output
Support local 1 channel 2K output (watermarked) for projection back-calculation and 3D Mapping.
Multiple cooperation debugging
Multiple engineers debugging different parts of the whole case at the same time. Split the installation projection, save debugging time.
Optical track
Use infrared induction camera to capture target object’s motion path, to achieve the simultaneous movement between actual object and model on the software, reveal the image precisely.
3D Mapping
Support import 3D model from other software. 3D Mapping is based on unfolding UV or perspective projection to generate visual content. Use projection back-calculation to map the content on the object surface, demonstrate spatial visualization.
Control multiple devices simultaneously
Support keyframe to send DMX command, use DMX 512 protocol to adapt devices (Robotic arms, lifting platform), control multiple devices motion and posture simultaneously.
Projection back-calculation
Use projection calibration, set adjust the point to feedback the relative spatial relationship between projector and target object or in the real scene to the server. Achieve mapping process and adjust offset for projection mapping on irregular objects or complex stage quickly.
Automatic generate fusion band
Generate fusion band by automatically calculate fusion area, to completely joint for multiple projectors.