hecoos Studio —— demostrate what you imagine
hecoos software is a rehearsal simulation visualizer and full case designer. With its exquisite simulation live effect of stage, lighting, visual scene, the rehearsals will seamlessly adapt on-site execution including video playing, lamp, and mechanical control, etc., increase the stage execution and success rate of performance plan tremendously.

Real Scene Simulation
Director system
Restore real scene director environment. Simulate director view switching of random camera position by using animation to precisely demo the motion path of multiple-stage machinery, character, and camera. The director view switching command can be added to the timeline to automatically switch the director screen.
Setting array
Quickly duplicate any device in a rectangular/circular arrangement, according to the interval, direction and number, help you set up stage easily.
Illuminance test
Calculate luminous flux on the model surface based on projector information including brightness, lumen, etc.. The illuminance can be compared according to the color comparison table, or the illuminance value of the mouse-over position can be directly obtained. Provides accurate optical path occlusion testing and geometric distortion testing for projection customers.
Sound field simulation
Display the coverage range of the voice boxes, offer the sound simulation result for the implantation, enhance the sense of immediacy.
Stage library editing
Manage and edit the stage equipment according to light library.
Particle system
Simulate visual effect, including rain, snow, flame, fireworks.
By adding a sky background, make the outdoor rehearsal vividly
Visualized Director
AUX Timeline
When the inserted program playing, it will pop up at the top layer of the screen, cover the picture that currently in the main timeline.
The animation editing function will realize the editing and display of various animation effects such as characters, stage mechanical devices, light shows, etc., and perfectly display all the activities of the real scene.
Director automatically switching
Built-in multiple templates for different camera position, to switch between them easily.
Tracking system
Real-time tracking of projections and lights on moving objects can be completed, real-time rendering of dynamic projection images and automatic tracking (AR) of cameras.)。
Overlay AR technology
Import the media with a transparent channel into heccos studio to simulate overlap effect to actual picture by mapping it on transparent screen, demonstrate diversified broadcast effect.
Offline Lighting Programming
Lighting system
Support the addition of a lighting device in the scene, customize the light library and quickly adapt the address code, completing the light show effect preview. It can be combined with the imported model for preview, and accurately control the whole lighting effect.
Timeline Based Broadcast System
Timeline mode
Precise time controlling, powerful device editing, material arrangement, you can set the display scene of materials in different display devices in different time periods.
Add control command
Control commands for devices such as switchers and matrix can be sent on the timeline to achieve precise synchronization of playback and video console switching.
Timeline media editing
Multiple editing functions including palette, keying, image blending, fade-in/out , copy, paste for resources on timeline.
Tracking and Real-time Rendering
Powerful video decoding and 2D/3D rendering capabilities
Powerful non-linear rendering engine, real-time high-performance 2D/3D graphics rendering, support OpenGL, DirectX. Supported format covering almost all current video formats, more than 30 kinds of video encoding including sequence frames can be played smoothly.
Export video
Save project previews as video with offline rendering. You can also set parameters including resolution, frame rate, effect level for export video.
Projection Simulation & 3DMapping
Support 3D model importing, UV mapping
Supports multiple 3D model files (*.obj,*.skp,*.3ds,*.fbx), you can fit the video to the model surface according to the UV expansion mode and can preview and watch in 3D space.
Projection simulation
Simulate the optical path effect of real projectors, realize the design of complex projection projects such as dome, car body and building body, and understand the effect of video content on the project site in advance.
3D mapping (back-calculated projection)
Simulate the optical path and picture distortion of the real projector, accurately measure the illumination and occlusion of the projector in the actual environment, and easily complete the optical path design and 3DMapping of various complex models by built-in projector parameters of various brands.
Supports multiple mapping methods (parallel, perspective, data). It can directly map video images to display devices according to requirements, and easily implement projects such as Mapping and 3D Mapping.
Support ultra-resolution video
Supports unlimited resolution (4K, 8K) video and image decoding, enabling the point-to-point display of LED display and projection at any resolution.
Automatic blending
Automatic blending based on camera feedback, quickly solve the fusion display of regular models such as plane, arc screen, and sphere screen, automatically calibrate the color difference of the projector, automatically adjust the brightness of the edge blending, and automatically correct the geometric deformation.